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Upper Chichester Township has initiated a Community engagement process called Heart and Soul. Upper Chichester Heart and Soul is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, the Orton Foundation and the Department of Community and Economic Development.

During the initial phase of the Heart and Soul process, the Leadership Team interviewed and obtained testimonials from over 500 Upper Chichester residents and business partners to learn what they LOVE about Upper Chichester, what makes it SPECIAL, and how to make the Community even BETTER. This resulted in over 1,000 data points.

In February, 2019 the Heart and Soul Leadership Team presented the above information to over 100 community participants at a Community driven SUMMIT. With the assistance of the Summit participants, the Upper Chichester Heart and Soul Value Statements were created. The Heart and Soul Value Statements summarize what matters most to us and will be used to assist us in prioritizing ACTIONS and future decisions to ensure that the “heart and soul” of our community is strengthened and reflected in the future of Upper Chichester.

Following the Summit Meeting, to obtain additional input and comments pertaining to the Value Statements, the Leadership Team surveyed residents and received over 300 responses. In addition, on-line Chi Chat sessions were conducted throughout the summer resulting in even more input and comments from participants.

The following are the Seven Heart & Soul Value Statements obtained as a result of meeting with community residents, non profits, government, educational and business leaders. These Value Statements will be the basis of defining and prioritizing Action Items for the Future of the Upper Chichester Community.

Sense of Community

We value a FAMILY-ORIENTED safe community that offers a SMALL TOWN FEEL. All residents and community partners value CHI PRIDE and our DIVERSITY by supporting each other and our convenient local businesses and shops.

Location and Accessibility

We appreciate our cornerstone LOCATION because of the CONVENIENCE it provides to highway systems and public transportation and for easy ACCESS to work and leisure activities, as well as local and tri-state amenities.


We value the educational OPPORTUNITIES and services in our DIVERSE community. We value inclusive, quality educational activities, safety and LIFE-LONG LEARNING for all students and their families.


We take pride in our neighborhoods and living in a PEACEFUL and diverse community with a SMALL-TOWN FEEL. We value our PUBLIC SERVICES (police, fire companies, emergency services, and maintenance of properties) that support open communication and ensure a SAFE community.

Economic Opportunity

We value our LOCAL BUSINESSES and REVITALIZATION efforts to attract new development opportunities resulting in a THRIVING economy, job opportunities and an ENGAGED community.

Community Resources

We value the ACCESS AND AVAILABILITY of the community collaborative SERVICES such as safety and recreation programs, health, education and library activities, and spiritual RESOURCES FOR ALL.

Recreation and Open Spaces

We appreciate the availability of the various RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES, PARKS and SPORTS facilities offered to ALL RESIDENTS which enhance our quality of life and CHI PRIDE.

Heart and Soul

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Our Mission

Bringing the community together through interaction by listening to the voices of the residents to build a happier, vibrant community. Heart & Soul is a grant program from the Orton Family Foundation.

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